About Redlen


Redlen Technologies is a manufacturer of high resolution Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) semiconductors which are enabling a new generation of high performance radiation detection and imaging equipment.

Despite the widely accepted superior performance of semiconductor radiation detectors, CZT technology has not been commercially adopted due to the extremely high cost due to low production yields. Redlen has developed a high yield production technology for advanced CZT semiconductor wafers with its proprietary Traveling Heater Method (THM) growth process. The company has successfully industrialized this single crystal growth process to reliably achieve the required product yields and performance.

With its industry-leading CZT growth technology, pioneered by a management and technical team that is deeply rooted in semiconductor and imaging technology, Redlen is revolutionizing the performance, cost and efficiency of medical imaging and security detection equipment.

Redlen has also deployed its high efficiency semiconductor growth technology to produce Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) compounds for the thin film solar market. The Redlen CdTe semiconductor manufacturing process delivers the most cost-effective, high performance, rapidly scalable thin film solar CdTe feedstock production solution on the market today.

Key Company Milestones

Bob Redden, a career metallurgical engineer, recognized the commercial potential of CZT in radiation imaging applications. Bob’s extensive experience in compound semiconductor crystal growth and pure metals refining enabled him to realize that the standard ‘Bridgman process’ used to grow most compound semiconductor crystals would never work well for CZT. Bob believed that the problems of producing CZT could be solved by using a THM solution-growth process. Bob undertook extensive research on THM crystal growth, including assignments for the Canadian Space Agency, conducting zero gravity crystal growth experiments on the MIR space station, which furthered his belief in the THM process.

November 1999 – Redlen Technologies is incorporated
April 2001 – First 25mm CZT wafers produced
February 2002 – Glenn Bindley joins as President & CEO
September 2002 – First 50mm CZT wafers produced, first functional CZT detector produced
September 2003 – Redlen selected as 2002 Venture All Star Company
March 2004 – Redlen Completes $2.3M Financing
April 2004 – Dr Henry Chen joins as Director, Detector Design and Characterization
June 2005 – Developed proprietary process for compounding II-VI group materials
November 2005 – First 75mm CZT wafers, first prototype CZT detector shipments
April 2006 – Produced first CdTe feedstock samples
Jun 2006 – First pixilated medical imaging CZT detectors shipped
Jul 2006 – Closed $8.0M product development Equity financing
March 2007 – First CZT security detectors shipped
August 2007 – Began volume commercial shipments of CdTe feedstock
April 2008 – Completed 80,000 kg / year CdTe production plant
November 2008 Began volume shipments of first CZT security detectors
February 2009 – Began volume shipments of first CZT medical imaging detectors
December 2009 – Closed $7.8M volume production scale up equity financing .