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Redlen Technologies has pioneered a process technology for volume production of semiconductor radiation detection materials that are revolutionizing the performance, cost, accuracy and efficiency of medical and security equipment.


Commercially available CZT detectors have been traditionally produced using variations on a widely-known semiconductor production process (known as Bridgman or Vertical Gradient Freeze) which is inherently unsuited to provide high yields of high quality CZT. The poor production yields and variable quality of traditional processes have constrained the commercial adoption of CZT radiation detectors to niche vertical markets.

Redlen Technologies has successfully overcome the limitations of CZT production with its proprietary CZT feedstock compounding process and its proprietary single crystal CZT production process proprietary . Our single crystal Traveling Heater Method (THM) growth process, now enables the production of very high quality image grade CZT detectors with reliable yields and thus lower cost –enabling widespread adoption of this technology for volume production by the medical and security imaging markets.