Nuclear Image Detectors

Nuclear Medicine


  • Low Flux Rate X-Ray Imaging
  • Low-dose CT scanning equipment
  • Intra-operative surgical probes
  • Hand-held x- and gamma-imaging cameras
  • Full-body scanners

Redlen’s nuclear imaging module combines advanced CZT semiconductor detectors, a custom charge-collection ASIC and an industry-standard digital communications interface that provides best-in-class energy-resolution, detection efficiency, sensitivity and image resolution.

The imaging module provides 256-pixels within a 40 x 40 mm surface area and operates under room-temperature conditions without the need for complex and expensive cooling-system infrastructure.

Revolutionary CZT-based imaging technology Enables development of next-generation radiation detection & medical imaging solutions
Off-the-shelf radiation detection and imaging solution for x and gamma radiation High-performance alternative to traditional scintillation-crystal solutions
Innovative design maintains pixel-pitch across arbitrary arrays of multiple modules. Facilitates construction of 1-D and 2-D arrays for large image area applications
Intelligent imaging solution with on-board ASIC , FPGA & high-speed digital communication port Direct digital interface simplifies integration into existing and new digital camera control systems
Energy resolution (typical): 6.5% with Co-57 High spectral energy resolution allows better discrimination of energy signatures for dual-isotope applications
256 pixels within a 4mm x 4mm area High imaging resolution provides superior image definition and clarity
Industry-standard digital interface Facilitates rapid integration into existing end-user equipment.
Room-temperature operation. Allows reduced cooling-system infrastructure and associated expense.
Low-power consumption Ideal for portable applications
High-speed operation and data throughput. Innovative modular design ideal for a wide range of applications.


Redlen’s Module Evaluation System is a self-contained platform that enables design engineers to evaluate Redlen’s 40x40mm 256-pixel nuclear imaging module and to facilitate rapid integration of these modules into a customer’s nuclear imaging equipment and systems.

The Module Evaluation System includes;

  • A main system enclosure that holds a 40x40mm 256-pixel nuclear imaging module and has inputs for an external high voltage DC bias source, an external low voltage DC source and a high-speed USB communications interface.
  • A base platform with mechanical arm that allows precise position and height adjustment of a user-supplied radiation source.
  • Redlen’s PC-based evaluation system software that allows operators to configure and test the nuclear imaging module and to measure and record the module’s spectral energy performance and efficiency characteristics.